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9 million a year

Animal euthanization is a continuing problem in our nation's animal shelters. It is estimated that approximately 9 million animals are euthanized annually, and this was the focus of an information design project for the San Diego Human Society & SPCA. The project involved collecting research to build my basis from, as well as extensive persona and scenario testing groups. Deliverables included an informational poster display for the main lobby, shelter location handouts and a self-mailer. The goal was to create a call-to-action campaign encouraging the public to take a stand and help in this cause. Much of the inspiration for this project stemmed from my lifelong love for animals. Visiting shelters since I was young I constantly felt a place in my heart for these pets in need. The design was intended to portray a gritty tone to resemble the state these animals are living their lives in everyday. The initial sketch process began with a brainstorming process to develop various ideas for my graphic models. After a successful typographic icon was created a self-mailing poster was then designed around the idea. keeping in consideration the original distressed tone. Another one of the main elements of this project was a poster containing five informational graphic models to be on display in a shelter lobby. This poster contained information regarding statistics, local clinics, and ways individuals can get involved.