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menus & more

One of my longest ongoing clients in San Francisco, the Lookout recently sought out a fresh menu and signage for their bar. I have had the opportunity to work with with them in the past on a few advertising campaigns to launch the expansion of the bar and the addition of its new 'Lounge' and was also brought on to help conceptualize the ads as well which ran in a range of publications such as 7x7 and Asterisk over the years. So subsequently, I didn’t shy from the chance to work with them on the development of a new menu.

The project included creating a large sign at the entry of the establishment that would hold a current copy of the menu, as well as continual signage around the bar, small placards for the tables and of course the main menu itself. A bright, bold typographical approach was taken and in turn created a fun lively set of menus and signage for the Lookout to use promoting their new food options.