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"imply an unstated alternative"

Ellipsis Bike Co. was an entrepreneurial design project where I created and branded a bicycle company. The intention was to develop a system and successfully create a design which would be marketable to the fast growing action sports industry. Collateral included designing graphic decals for various frame models, posters, clothing, and a magazine ad. Be it that the target audience is a younger active demographic much of the inspiration for my design came from urban play land in which the bikes were to be ridden. Originally the idea for the name Ellipsis came from my use of a lot of ellipses in writing which brought it to mind, then when I researched its definition it mentioned, “its used to imply an unstated alternative indicated by context.” I loved it... Somewhat bringing the idea of being an alternative to the common bicycle company.

Nonetheless, with this process I started brainstorming ideas for model names and began my process. One idea that came to mind for example, the downhill frame is named The CLODD9R (clodder) coming from dirt clod, but melding the idea of being a 29” downhill frame. Twenty-niner and niner (29er, 9er) are common slang for 29” mountain bikes frames. Building off the original models names created through various thought mapping exercises I created a typographic treatment and hand rendered type for each bicycle which creatively expresses each name. The process involved sketching each letterform individually first, then taking aspects from each, creating a cohesive successful approach for each frame. This continually progressing project has created some fun bike ideas, clothing, packaging, ads and much more in development.